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Activate #2 - Week 7

Activate Participant:      Nick Moore

Position:                           Team Leader

Organisation:                  Gforce Staffing Solutions (Corio site)

Session:                           Week 7

Each week we're continually inspired and challenged to reflect on our own leadership as well as glean from those more experienced leaders in the Geelong community. Today was no different.

Fantastic to be at the Geelong Football club today, despite the Cats not making the Grand Final.

We heard from two very skilled and talented people directly involved with player development at the club.  Simone Bellears, Academic Pathways Manager and Claire Mitchell-Tavenar, Talent Development Manager.  Feeling humble to hear from an Olympic Gold medallist!


Together they shared some valuable insights into how they manage change week to week and how the club structure and facilitate leadership.

What particularly stood out for me was the focus on the club's language, values and the culture that is continually encouraged on a daily basis.  It was revealed that players regularly give and receive feedback from their peers and this is passed on to the player leadership group, reflecting the club's values of honesty and respectful communication.  These direct conversations help to speed things up and bring clarity to what they expect from each individual, especially important when there's a game of footy to be won.

We also heard from Paul Murphy from Atwork Consulting. With a long history of HR management and consulting work managing change in large organisations, particularly local government, he is well qualified to share some key thoughts on the topic.   Paul also talked about the importance of culture and quoted Peter Drucker'Culture eats strategy for breakfast!'

Paul went on to say that culture is passed on and needs to be embraced by everyone.  With the right culture, he said productivity increases, and that 'companies with highly engaged employees generate 19% more operating income!'  Now that's worth striving for!

Paul also talked about styles of leadership and the various qualities of a leader saying they must have both vision and drive.  Paul was a passionate presenter, and when talking about having purpose, broke into song with a powerful version of Amazing Grace followed by a big round of applause from the Activate group! 


What I found really practical today was the activity that Cynthia facilitated on having a difficult conversation, using the 4 Fs, Focus, Facts, Feelings and Fair Requests.  In small groups we were able to discuss and look at a way to address a difficult situation.  The input from the other participants was invaluable and gave us the opportunity to rehearse confronting a difficult issue.  Feeling ready to tackle any challenging situations moving forward and have another useful tool in my leadership kit!



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