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Activate #4 - Session four blog

Activate week 4 'Leading with influence' was jam packed with three speakers, set at the Karingal St Laurence Eastern Hub. We were greeted by a colourful gallery of butterflies being made in celebration of Hearing Awareness week.

First up CEO of Karingal St Laurence, Mike McKinstry, took to the floor with practical and frank advice.

"Learn to be authentic and know who you are. When young, we put on a persona of whom we want people to see and who we think we should be. Learn to be honest, know what you can offer, know your strengths and values."

He also recommended keeping a sense of humour in adversity; not trying to be perfect; staying grounded; and setting your own challenges in the workplace and not waiting for "someone to set them for you."

Mike shared his cross sector career highlights and made an impression with his view on the termNot For Profit. The better vision he said is Profit with purpose. 

Next up was the eagerly anticipated Rebecca Casson, CEO of the Committee for Geelong (CfG), who shared her remarkable life and passion for Geelong.

Rebecca's very first impressions of Geelong in 2009 were - a good place, inspiring people and a caring community. Now all these years later as CEO of the CfG she is able to advocate for the people and the city she loves. The CfG has a vision for Victoria's Second City, from their International Winning from Second research. The vision she shared was incredible and something not to be missed.

We were inspired tolive in the gap as leaders. Taking care of what is, and then nursing things through/guiding change to what should be. From Rebecca's experience we learnt it takes guts and faith to endure as leaders in this gap but we were inspired to do so. "Be courageous" she said.

Much of the dedicated work the Committee does might go unheard of but Rebecca noted "Who cares who gets the credit, as long as we get the success for Geelong."

Kath Essing from Integrated Heart was up next with tools for effective communication. She encouraged us to have a conversation with audience instead of present to them and shared the power of utilising stories and metaphors. We learnt how to write a presentation quickly and effectively using the rule of 3 model and the Kolb learning system - an effortless way to connect content to an audience.

At the end of the day the connecting lesson between all three speakers was to BE AUTHENTIC. This came up time and time again.

We were challenged to present our leadership brand in a 3-minute presentation to the group. Some of us learnt we were conceptualisers who would like more time to THINK about our presentation but even so we all braved the stage to sell ourselves anyway since we now know keeping a good sense of humour is also an important part of leadership.




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