Statement from the CEO of the Committee for Geelong, Jennifer Cromarty

“Economic modelling shows that the flow-on effects of the ATO closing its Geelong office will result in total job losses of over 200 and total negative economic output impact of over $53Million.

“According to REMPLAN data, if the ATO closes its Geelong office and transfers 120 jobs to other parts of the state, the economic impacts would be disastrous for the region.

“The loss of 120 jobs at the ATO could lead to another 96 job losses in the local economy.  Job losses would be felt in the supply-chain (31) and in consumption related roles such as retail and hospitality (65).  Lost wages could reach up to $19.7Million and local value-added economic effects would reduce by as much as $30Million.  Half the value-added impacts would be lost as a direct result of the office closure and the other half due to flow-on impacts. 

“In terms of gross output (related to capital, labour and intermediate inputs) the direct, supply chain and consumption effects are estimated to cost our local economy $53.6Million.

“In our current environment of severe economic uncertainty, the loss of even one job is keenly felt. If Geelong is facing the loss of Federal Government public service jobs of over 100 in 2021, this impact would create a significant burden just at the time our community works through recovery from COVID-19.

“The Committee for Geelong has written to the Federal Treasurer and the Australian Tax Office regarding this pending decision.  Geelong has been a national success story of decentralisation of government agencies. The ATO and key Federal Government decision makers should defer its decision regarding the ATO Geelong office closure and take time to carefully explore options and consult deeply before making a final decision.”

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