The groups focus for this week was valued-based leadership. The session placed a particular focus on the leadership journey of Rob Birch, the CEO of Gforce Employment Solutions, as well as a workshop with Brad Clarke from Better Communities Consulting.
Values are guidelines for life – internal rules for living, so to speak. They can be dependent on how we were raised and can impact on our responses to actions. Values are essentially our personal compass. To genuinely understand your values, you need to be aware of your background and how your values were formed.

Four key conditions that leaders create:
– Shared demonstration of expected behaviours
– A shared balance of power
– A shared understanding of where your heading
– A shared understanding of where you are.

Value-based leadership is precisely that – a leader who leads based on their values. However, values can vary from person to person. With value-based leadership, it is important to lead in a way that is aligned with your passions. It is important to have self-awareness, to look at your own personal values and identify ways that these connect to leadership.