I am pleased to announce that Michael Johnston will be the new CEO of the Committee for Geelong.
Michael will join the Committee from his current role as Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel for
Hockey Australia and previous roles with the Australian Sports Commission. Michael is a certified
practicing lawyer having completed his training with Coulter Legal. Michael is an independent member
of the Corporate Governance Committee at the Geelong Football Club and serves on the board of Tidy

In announcing the appointment, the Chair of the Committee for Geelong, Clive Pugh, said “Michael
impressed us with his understanding of the issues facing Geelong and how we will be able to advocate
for Geelong’s best future. Having grown up in Geelong, Michael has a natural love for Geelong, but he
has also spent time away from Geelong and it is that experience that brings fresh eyes and thinking for
the future”.

“The Committee for Geelong has a clear strategic vision to advocate for economic and social prosperity
for the people of Geelong. With the ongoing development of Geelong pushing population growth and
the pending Commonwealth Games, there are significant opportunities to work with all levels of
government to advocate for Geelong as world-class city that is vital, inclusive, progressive, smart, and
sustainable” Mr Pugh said.

On accepting the role, Michael Johnston says: “I am humbled and incredibly excited to be given this
opportunity. My ambition is to help Geelong sustainably develop and build the infrastructure to support
population increases while maintaining its community feel. With a vibrant and diversified economy, and
compelling work-life balance, I see Geelong as the most loveable city in Australia. Geelong is my home
and I cannot wait to play an active role in positively shaping its future.”

Michael will commence in his role from 13 February 2023.

The Committee for Geelong acknowledges the contribution and achievements of the outgoing CEO,
Jennifer Cromarty. “Jennifer has been a passionate advocate for Geelong and has influenced the
debate on key projects for Geelong. Jennifer has been relentless in driving the leaders for Geelong
program and supporting the State community leadership board. We wish Jennifer well for her future
endeavours” Mr Pugh said.

Clive Pugh – Chair, Committee for Geelong

Photo: Ivan Kemp