Learning and developing leadership skills in innovation, design thinking and client centred approaches is essential to not only personal leadership style and growth, but to the impacts on workplaces, the community and at home. Innovation can be something that can be accidentally stumbled upon at work, but the Innovation and Growth Seminar will lead to more proactive and strategic approaches within the LfG group.

The program day motivated, captured and challenged ways of thinking “The speed and pace of change has never been as fast as it is today and the speed and pace of change will never be as slow as it is today” Andrew Jones from G2 Innovation talked about the biggest threat in business being complacency. He suggested that falling in love with the problem and not the solution is how you avoid complacency and will allow for creative and innovative ways to deliver services, programs and initiatives that we are involved in.

Remember: the best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas as we are all born highly creative.