Statement from the CEO of the Committee for Geelong – Jennifer Cromarty

“The announcement of Geelong Port becoming the home to Spirit of Tasmania vessels in 2022 is testament to the significant and important infrastructure that our port provides to Geelong, the state and the nation. As we are presented with extremely challenging social and economic times during the COVID-19 crisis, this great news story bodes well for Geelong’s recovery.

“As a gateway city, Geelong is well positioned to take advantage of its strong manufacturing, agriculture and food production credentials which form part of our supply chain assets – all supported by Geelong’s port infrastructure. Now we are able to further leverage and plan for our port to be a passenger transport hub and focal point for tourism.

“We congratulate Brett Winter and his team on this achievement which will reverberate through the entire Geelong community with jobs and economic boosts at our most vulnerable time.”

Media contact: Jennifer Cromarty M: 0413 241 033