Media Statement from the Committee for Geelong regarding the reduction of carbon emissions

The Committee for Geelong supports the need to lift Australia’s 2030 carbon emissions reduction target and congratulates the Business Council of Australia and the Committee for Cities and Regions Network for its advocacy to the Federal Government.

“We are encouraged by a range of Federal Government announcements including the Future Fuels and Vehicles Strategy and also the Victorian Government’s Climate Change Strategy which includes a target to reduce emissions from 2005 levels by 45–50% by 2030,” Ms Cromarty said.

In the Committee for Geelong’s Resilient Geelong research paper published late 2020, a key recommendation was to seize the opportunity to build a better, greener economy for the future and explore the possibility of Geelong becoming a site for the Beyond Zero Emissions Million Jobs project.

“The Beyond Zero Emissions Million Jobs project is a tremendous opportunity for the region to support emissions reduction while also outlining the jobs in green & circular economies. Future economy jobs can be delivered, as an example, through investment in clean tech, sustainable social housing developments, increased uptake of renewable energy sources and in developing the required infrastructure to increase public and active transport usage.

Having a clear policy direction from the Federal Government is vital but there is much we can do as a community to take action at a time when urgency is key,” Ms Cromarty said.

Media Contact: Jennifer Cromarty, CEO Committee for Geelong

M: 0413 241 033