Media Statement

Statement from the Chair of the Committee for Geelong, Clive Pugh

This is a historic day for collaboration between people in Geelong to work toward a positive recovery for the region.

As Geelong has faced the implications of COVID-19, in my role as Committee for Geelong Chair, I saw opportunity for unified leadership to identify priorities for recovery. I approached the Chairs and CEOs from local organisations to discuss and establish what priorities should be submitted to both Federal and State governments during this time.

It has been constructive for the Committee for Geelong to collaborate with G21 – Geelong Region Alliance, Geelong Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Greater Geelong & the Bellarine and the Geelong Manufacturing Council and the Mayor and CEO of the City of Greater Geelong to align our focus. I am hopeful that the joint approach on projects that address the challenges our region is facing, will positively support our region as we make our way through this pandemic.

Statement from the Chief Executive Officer of the Committee for Geelong, Jennifer Cromarty

The Committee for Geelong has worked hard to help develop this list with our colleagues, which aims to provide a pathway for our recovery – both socially and economically.

As a collective, we have written to Prime Minister Morrison and Premier Andrews to meet with us and discuss the priority list. We are in extremely challenging times as we face the COVID-19 pandemic and we are committed to ensuring Geelong is well placed to recover and continue building on the significant growth and resilience our community has shown in recent times.

To access the list of COVID Recovery Collective priorities, click here.

Media Contact: Jennifer Cromarty | 0413 241 033