The Roadmap to Zero Emissions: Geelong Region Jobs Analysis report is a key first step for our community to understand clearly the economic opportunity to reach zero emissions while creating sustainable jobs in our economy. The Committee for Geelong’s ‘Resilient Geelong’ report published in late 2020 recommends that this work be conducted as a pathway to a zero emissions, future proofed, local economy.

In 2022, the Committee for Geelong will embark on a new strategy and we see this Roadmap to Zero Emissions report as a foundation for deeper analysis and a key action area for us for the next 3-4 years. 

Part of that deeper analysis could incorporate new 2021 Census data to update the report, and the potential to develop a business case to define the level of public and private investment required in the region to make these jobs a reality. 

The Committee for Geelong stands ready to support Geelong Sustainability on this journey.

Download the report here

Media Contact: Jennifer Cromarty, CEO Committee for Geelong

M: 0413 241 033