Transitioning to a COVID Normal Business

Transitioning to a COVID Normal Business

Workshop series taking place between March and April 2021: The COVID Impact – Transitioning to a COVID Normal Business

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Hosted by the Committee for Geelong and facilitated by Bernadette O’Connor, Executive Director at Management Governance Australia, the workshops are available to Committee for Geelong Member organisations and will focus on stimulating owners and managers to consciously build business and workforce resilience as they transition to a COVID normal economic environment.

Upcoming workshops:

Workshop No. 2: Thursday 25 March 8:00am-9:30am Deakin Waterfront, James Leslie Council Chamber

Workshop No. 3: Tues 20 April 12:00noon-1:30pm via Zoom

Workshop No. 3: Thurs 22 April 12:00noon-1:30pm Deakin Waterfront, James Leslie Council Chamber


The workshops will explore:

  • The impacts of unpredictable market behaviour on demand, production and cash flow.
  • The changed expectations on your businesses, including its ability to respond to sudden change and emerging opportunities.
  • In a COVID normal world, what you need from your people and yourself. Is everyone ready for a new business journey? 

The workshops will take place between March – April 2021 and will be delivered both face to face and online, and you can select your preference when registering.

Workshop participants will also be directed the Victorian Government’s coronavirus (COVID-19) business recovery information, programs and services and will be provided with:

  • A simple co-design model for Building a Cohesive Team that recognises the impact of COVID and engages staff in developing a new COVID normal workplace and working arrangements.
  • A resource to assist owners and managers in focussing the business on optimising cash flow in uncertain times.

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