Geelong Collective – Top Priorities 2022

The Chairs and CEOs of the Committee for Geelong, G21- Geelong Region Alliance, Geelong Chamber of
Commerce, Geelong Manufacturing Council, and Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine and the City of Greater Geelong Councillors and CEO are working together to advocate for significant projects that address Geelong’s needs as Australia’s fastest growing city.

Support of these priority projects also provides an opportunity to strengthen the commitment to the
Geelong City Deal and its vision to drive Geelong’s economic diversification, visitor economy growth and

These projects are:

1. Essential transport connections and investment for a rapidly growing community
• $250 million for the Barwon Heads Road duplication Stage 2 (Reserve Road to Warralily
• Implementation of the Central Geelong Freight Program – Implementation Plan to deliver
alternative heavy vehicle routes for trucks that avoid central Geelong, particularly Ryrie Street.
Upgrade Fyans Street and Breakwater Road to deliver this outcome in the short-to-medium
term use.
• Funding for the Bellarine Link to extend Baanip Boulevard from Surf Coast Highway to Barwon
Heads Road, and to design the Barwon Heads Road to Portarlington Road connection.
• $1 million commitment to fund the Department of Transport to deliver a Greater Geelong Public
Transport Plan to provide a committed pathway towards higher capacity and quality public
transport for Geelong.
• A long-term strategy for state infrastructure needed to support the Northern and Western
Geelong Growth Areas that prioritises early delivery of high-frequency public transport services,
including Midland Highway duplication from Bannockburn to the Geelong Ring Road and
connection to the heavy rail network.
• Delivery of a dedicated rail station at Avalon on the Geelong-Melbourne line (between Little
River and Lara stations) as part of the Geelong Fast Rail project and for improved connectivity to
Avalon Airport.
• $130+ million for a Geelong-Torquay public transport solution, including consideration of
Armstrong Creek Railway Station to cater to Victoria’s largest continuous growth area.

2. Port of Geelong growth and Spirit of Tasmania arrival
• $15 million for essential infrastructure to deliver improved amenity, freight, and tourism access
to support the Spirit of Tasmania’s relocation to Geelong in 2022 and as a potential addition to
the Geelong City Deal.
• Support for strengthening road, rail, and channel links and preserving adjoining land to enable
the port’s growth.

3. Growing Aboriginal cultural tourism and creative industry opportunities in Geelong
• $114 million over five years to support the Geelong Gallery’s expansion into Geelong City Hall,
aligning with the Geelong City Deal by increasing visitation by up to 200,000 people per year.
• $15 million to implement enabling works, evolve strategies, and key initiatives outlined in the
You Yangs Precinct Master Plan. Improved educational programs, infrastructure, and
connectivity to the precinct will support the development of a world-class destination where
natural and Aboriginal cultural values can coexist with recreational activities.
• Continue to support Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation to implement the
recommendations in the Cultural Tourism Business Case.

4. Supporting business recovery, innovation, and investment attraction
• $2 million for skills development and incubator programs for business owners and their staff to
recover, innovate and adapt to the new normal and beyond.
• Support for a strategy to attract new and innovative industries to our region, driving economic
development for more private sector attractions, in turn creating employment opportunities
and tourism expenditure growth.

5. Accelerating clean energy, clean tech and circular economy investment
• $5 million to progress and accelerate current and new G21 region projects that focus on clean
energy, clean tech, circular economy investment attraction, and transformation in
manufacturing. In order to get to Net Zero by 2050, governments and businesses will need to
bring about change at a pace and scale only ever seen before in times of emergency (From
ambition to reality: weaving the threads of net-zero delivery, Worley and Princeton University,
2021). Geelong is the region that can demonstrate what is possible through cooperation, and
the will of communities and businesses.
• Establish the G21 region as a centre of excellence for clean technologies.

6. Addressing housing availability and affordability crisis in Greater Geelong
• Develop a national housing strategy to determine practical long-term solutions to affordable
housing and worker accommodation needs.
• Significantly expand infrastructure planning capacity and capability in the region to manage
long-term growth.
• Review student housing availability for worker accommodation during peak tourist season.
• Legislate mandatory inclusionary zoning requirements for social and affordable housing.
• All Commonwealth and Victorian government land to be considered for social housing before
• Sustained investment in the Social Housing Growth Fund to facilitate long-term supply of social
• Whole-of-government investment in neighbourhoods with high percentages of social housing,
such as Corio, Norlane and Whittington.

7. A world-class destination for sport and major events
• Realise the opportunity to invest in essential legacy infrastructure including transport, affordable
housing, and modern sports facilities as part of Geelong’s role as a regional hub at the 2026
Commonwealth Games. It’s vital that a Regional Sports and Events Centre that caters for up to 5000
spectators is supported to address growing demand for indoor-based sports and to further the
diversification of Geelong’s economy.
• Continue working with local government to secure major business and leisure events for

Please note: This list complements each individual organisation’s advocacy priorities, which also contain
projects that are essential for the future success of Geelong and the broader G21 region. Each
organisation will continue to advocate for these significant and essential priorities separately.