Leaders for Geelong 2023 Application Form

The Leaders for Geelong program is a 12-month community leadership program designed to support emerging leaders throughout the Geelong region. In 2023 the Program will commence in January and run through to early December. The program helps to develop individual leadership capacity, connections and awareness of the Geelong region, with the goal of creating leaders who can support our region’s diverse future professional and community needs. We welcome applications from a diverse range of participants from the Geelong region. This application form is the first step in the process: should your initial application be successful you will progress to interview stage in November and then final approval by December 2022.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion with about your application, please contact Karen MacAdie, Leadership Portfolio Co-odinator by separate email: karen.macadie@committeeforgeelong.com.au

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Program Fees

Program fees will be invoiced if your application is successful. Please provide the full contact details for the invoice to be sent to below.

Emergency Contact

Personal Details

E.g. Accessibility, English as a second language, literacy or numeracy needs, etc.

Leadership Development Questions

These Leadership Development Questions are based on the Four Pillars of the Leaders for Geelong program. Please write 3-5 sentences for each. There are no right or wrong answers, so be honest and base your answers on what YOU hope to gain from joining the program. We look forward to reading your answers and learning what is important to you.

Participant Agreement


The Leaders for Geelong program is an intensive program of learning and will require your commitment and time to complete successfully. The program uses a blended learning approach, and includes live seminars, online events, networking and offsite events around Geelong, as well as trips to Melbourne and Canberra. There is also a Community Project which takes approximately 6 months to complete, with weekly group work required. The unique combination gives participants the chance to apply new Leadership skills and knowledge straight away, delivering a project of real value to the Geelong community and connecting meaningfully with our diverse region. Participants are advised to carefully consider the time commitment outlined below and ensure it will be sustainable for their needs, for the full duration of the program. The Leaders for Geelong Program commences in late January 2023 and concludes in December 2023. As a guide, the time commitment and attendance includes:

  • Community Based Action Learning Project – runs for a duration of 6 months ( approx. 4-5 hours of group work per week )
  • Preparation of Reports, Presentations and Assessments ( time varies )
  • Opening Residential Conference ( 2 days/1 night )
  • One Strengths Coaching session (1 hour, 1:1 with your Facilitator)
  • Five Day Seminars ( 9am – 5pm )
  • Four Offsite Days around Geelong ( 9am – 5pm )
  • Four Evening Workshops ( 5pm – 8pm )
  • Canberra Delegation ( 2 days/2 nights )
  • Two Team / Group Networking Events ( 5pm – 8pm )
  • Project Presentation Event (full day)
  • Two Webinars ( 1.5 hours )
  • Graduation Dinner ( Afternoon / Evening event )
  • 9 Online Masterclasses ( 1 hour each – optional )


Participants are required to maintain a minimum attendance of 80% across all core program events. Inability to meet the 80% attendance requirement may result in consultation with the participant’s employer and/or possible release from the program before completion date.


The fee for the 2023 Leaders for Geelong Program is $7,300 + GST for Corporate and Government participants, and $6,300 + GST for Not-for-profit and self-funded participants. These fees do not include the cost of return flight to Canberra, which participants or their employer / sponsoring organisation will need to purchase separately. This fee is payable in full on acceptance into the program. Participants may not enter the program until the fee is received or a payment plan entered into.

Individuals or organisations with financial barriers should not be discouraged from applying. Contact Karen MacAdie, Leadership Portfolio Co-ordinator at karen.macadie@committeeforgeelong.com.au for a confidential discussion about fees and payment options if required.


Each year, a limited number of scholarships are available to eligible participants, made available through the generous support of our scholarship providers. Scholarship applications will require further qualifying criteria and a separate interview. Recipients are required to complete additional reports on their program throughout the year as a condition of the aware of their scholarship. The 2023 scholarships are:

  • Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander Scholarship – open to participants who identify as and are accepted by their communities as being of genuine Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander descent.
  • Hugh Williamson Foundation Scholarship – open to leaders in regional areas who would not be able to participate in the program without the support of a scholarship.
  • Emerging Women in Leadership Scholarship – open to participants who identify as female and are under the age of 30.
  • Runway HQ Startup Entrepreneur Leadership Scholarship – open to participants who are self-employed in a local startup business that has been running for less than 3 years.

Scholarships available subject to confirmation from the sponsoring organisations.

Cancellation/Withdrawal From the Program

All cancellations (and/or subsequent withdrawals from the program) must be advised in writing. Charges for cancellations and withdrawals will be applied, as stated below, to cover fixed cost commitments and administration fees. Cancellations received prior to the commencement of the program will incur a 10% cancellation fee. Please note that program places are non-transferrable.

Notification of withdrawal within 3 months of the program commencement will incur a 50% cancellation fee. No refunds will apply after this point as places cannot be offered to other candidates.


The Committee for Geelong is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of its members, staff and participants by handling all personal information securely and with care in accordance with Australian privacy laws.

Disclosure Statement

Your personal information is collected on this form for the purpose of your participation in the Leaders for Geelong Program. The Company may disclose your personal information kept on our database to third party organisations for the purpose of functions, events, programs and initiatives of the Company. If you would like to access your personal information held by us, or would like to withdraw your consent to share personal information at any time, please contact the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Committee for Geelong.

Declaration and Participant Agreement

I declare that the information supplied by me is true and correct. I understand the goals of the program and the time commitment required of a participant in the Leaders for Geelong program. If selected for the program:

  • I agree to act in a respectful, safe and inclusive manner towards all program participants, staff and guests of the program throughout the application, recruitment and program participation phases, and to abide by the behavioural requirements set out in the Handbook which will be provided to me upon entry to the program;
  • I will devote the required time to attendance and personal involvement;
  • I agree that any information and photographs throughout the program may be used for promotion – including the CfG leadership programs and associated websites;
  • I consent to have my email address shared amongst participants;
  • I understand that as a Leaders for Geelong Alumni, beyond the program, I commit to increased involvement and leadership in the community;
  • I confirm that I have spoken to, and gained approval from my employer to participate in the program, including any fees payable by them for my place in the program, and the time commitment, including absences from work that will be required; and
  • I confirm that I understand and agree to the conditions outlined.
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