Statement from Committee for Geelong CEO Jennifer Cromarty on easing lockdown restrictions

The health of our community is most important. While the rate of COVID-19 infections has slowed, things can quickly change as demonstrated in South Korea today.

However, we also have concerns about a second wave of health issues as part of the impact of the pandemic – our community’s mental health.

Isolation and an inability for some people to earn an income is creating a significant challenge on people’s mental health.

We welcome the measured and staged approach to ease lockdown restrictions as outlined by the Morrison Government. However, we note that today the NSW Government is only agreeing to certain aspects of the easing of lockdown restrictions as outlined by the National Cabinet.

We believe the Andrews Government has done an outstanding job responding to this crisis, but it is time to review the lockdown measures in Victoria and start allowing some retail and hospitality trade and limited numbers of people to socialise. It would also be important to see a clear timeline for schools to return.

Over time, it would also be good to see an approach that recognises the difference between metropolitan and regional Victoria. If we maintain restrictions on travelling certain distances, opening up business in rural and regional Victoria where infection rates are currently at nil would be welcomed.

We appreciate the complexity of the situation and expect significant measurement and monitoring to assess the success or otherwise of easing restrictions.  And importantly, we need to continue all the practices we have in place for physical distancing and hand hygiene.

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