Proposed Second City Policy Framework

The CfG recognises the future challenges that Geelong will face. We understand that Geelong is unique and that those fortunate enough to reside in Geelong live in a city with world-class early childhood to tertiary education, affordable house prices, ease of transport, access to excellent health services, proximity to a world famous coastline, established and emerging industries, elite sporting teams and most importantly, wonderful people. Plus, Geelong has the benefit of proximity to Melbourne, which is only an hour away.

However, for some time the CfG has been concerned that there has been no agreed long-term shared strategic plan for the development and economic growth of our city-region. Page 41 of the report of the Commission of Inquiry into Greater Geelong City Council ( March 2016 ) highlighted that “…the development of an evidence-based, long- term vision and plan (for Geelong) should be a critical high priority…”

Recognising that the absence of such a plan could lead to the Geelong city-region not reaching its full potential, the CfG began considering and ultimately researching what policy initiatives could be adopted to assist with the development of Geelong. The CfG recognised the opportunity to develop a policy framework that would provide a pathway to Geelong being recognised as Victoria’s Second City.

The time is now right for the findings from the Winning from Second research to be converted into a proposed Second City Policy Framework,  with Lead Research Partner, Commonwealth Bank, which could assist in bringing to life the vision for Geelong to be a clever and creative city of design.