Statement from the CEO Committee for Geelong, Jennifer Cromarty

The Committee for Geelong was very disappointed to see the Council of the City of Greater Geelong pass a motion to unravel components of the Green Spine. The Green Spine was one of the major recommendations from Vision 2 and aims to support central Geelong to be a liveable, walkable and bike friendly city.

Vision 2 was an initiative of the Committee for Geelong and was developed in collaboration with Deakin University, City of Greater Geelong and the Victorian Government.

The Green Spine is an integral part of central Geelong’s redevelopment and no changes should be contemplated. As a long term project, stage 2 and 3 of the Green Spine are currently being planned as part of the City Deal.

Any plans to unravel this award winning project would be detrimental to the long term collaborative efforts between multiple levels of government to design Geelong for the future.

We ask Council to reconsider its decision.

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