Statement from the CEO of the Committee for Geelong, Jennifer Cromarty

Frank Costa was truly a leading light in Geelong. Through hard work, persistence and love of his family, football club and city, he created employment and gave joy and success to so many. If politicians wanted to know what was happening in Geelong, they called Frank.

Twenty years ago, he was part of the push to establish the Committee for Geelong to ensure that we had an independent, non-partisan voice to government. In his term as President of the Geelong Football Club, he built a strong, values-driven culture and set up our beloved Cats for the success we continue to enjoy today.

The Geelong Advertiser quoted Frank in 2014:
“What sometimes doesn’t happen with our city is the collective strengths of Geelong should be all pulled together and should work together for the common good.’’ 

If we are to learn anything from Frank, we need to heed these words to continue the collective effort for Geelong’s future. Frank’s legacy in Geelong is large, deep and without parallel. He will be profoundly missed and our thoughts go to Shirley, his eight daughters and extended family. 

Image courtesy of Pam Hutchinson.