Media Statement from the CEO of Committee for Geelong regarding Infrastructure Victoria’s release of Victoria’s Infrastructure Strategy 2021-2051

The Committee for Geelong has strongly advocated to Infrastructure Victoria for several years to ensure the voice of Geelong and regional Victoria as a whole was recognised in its planning. We are pleased to see a significant focus on the regions and specific recommendations for Geelong in this new 2021-2051 Strategy.

Our population is growing rapidly and we need long term planning and commitments from all levels of government to fund infrastructure to support this growth.

Specifically, we welcome and have always supported the recommendations for the Metro 2 tunnel (via Newport) which would increase capacity and further develop the Geelong Faster Rail project via the Werribee line.

We also support the need for greater investment in our public transport network and incorporate new e-bus / advanced rail-less tram technology as we move to build a sustainable and attractive city (Geelong Advertiser 17 July 2021).

Increasing usage of public transport in Geelong is vital for our environment and builds a more liveable city as we move away from our reliance on cars.

As we move towards Federal and State Government elections, our focus on the need for significant investment in our public transport system will be a top priority in the Committee for Geelong’s advocacy efforts.

Media Contact: Jennifer Cromarty, CEO Committee for Geelong 0413 241 033