Statement from the CEO Committee for Geelong, Jennifer Cromarty

“I am surprised to learn of Mr Cousin’s comments. I, nor have any of my board, have seen or heard from him. Just because he has not read specific public comments by the Committee for Geelong, that does not mean we are not closely involved in discussions with government about faster rail for Geelong and transport planning for the region. 

“The Committee for Geelong has taken the position of working with government ‘inside the tent’ rather than siding with one particular consortium or idea in a public forum.

“We have been contacted on several occasions to support the consortium which is involved with the private, market-led bid which is supported by some Councils and the Committees for Shepparton, Melbourne and Ballarat. The Committee for Geelong is focused on the best outcomes for Geelong and not to speak publicly for or against a consortia’s specific interests.”

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