2024 Leaders for Geelong Project Application

Each year, Leaders for Geelong participants work on a community-based project of regional significance. Project teams are comprised of 4-6 local leaders with various backgrounds and experiences, who provide strategic, planning and project development support to the project champion.

Please consider carefully the kind of project that the team can support you with: a project that will be able to deliver real, tangible results for your organisation. Project teams will work for 4-5 hours per week on the projects over approximately 21 weeks, meaning that your project scope should be carefully selected and limited to around 84-105 hours of team work.

The live project work will take place for 2024 Leaders for Geelong participants from April until September 2024. Please ensure you have a clear project deliverable and defined scope that is achievable within that timeframe or specify that this work forms part of the project itself.

Please complete the below form and return to please contact Karen MacAdie, Leadership Portfolio Coordinator at karen.macadie@leadersforgeelong.com.au

Community Organisation

The organisation – and representative – with a vested interest in the delivery of this project who can support the project team and take ownership of the project at Program completion
Known as the Project Champion

Project Information

What issue, problem or opportunity would this project address?
What would success look like?
Who are the key stakeholders?
What specific support would you provide?
Is there any funding (or potential funding) available for this project?
e.g. branding, intellectual property requirements etc.

All project concepts will be reviewed by the Leadership Portfolio Team and final approval will come from the Committee for Geelong CEO. Unfortunately, some concepts may not be selected, however, you will be advised one way or the other.

If your application is successful, you will be asked to attend a “Project Pitch-fest” evening online in early 2024, where you will have 7 minutes to “pitch” your project to the teams and make a strong case for why participants should select to work with you! Participants will then have a short time to make their selections and teams will be assigned based on interest and suitability for the project. You, or a selected representative of your organisation, will then become the “Project Champion”, responsible for liaising with the team and providing information, feedback and support for their project work. The Leadership Portfolio Facilitator will provide a Project Champion Induction prior to commencement.

If you have any questions about the process or status of your concept, please contact Karen MacAdie, Leadership Portfolio Coordinator at karen.macadie@leadersforgeelong.com.au

Expectations of Project Champions

Each project will have a project champion who is the representative of the organisation to whom the project is handed over for subsequent ownership and implementation. The project champion is either the project requestor or identified by the requestor at the start of the project.

Throughout the course of the project, the champion will act as a trusted resource for team members and will be available to:

  • Inform teams about the current landscape relevant to the project, including statutory environment, political considerations, current initiatives or groups active in the space.
  • Guide teams in defining the scope and intent of the project.
  • Support teams by acting as a ‘go to’ point, giving feedback and advice and attending milestone project events in order to monitor development and celebrate successes.
  • Connect teams to networks, key contacts and leaders in the broader community through personal introductions and invitations to events.
  • Advocate for the project in the wider community, and foster conditions for its success.
  • Teams are responsible for the successful outcome of their project. Each team will self-manage, set agreed behaviours, arrange meeting times, develop protocols, ensure active participation and share the workload fairly.
  • Scope of the project will be determined by the group with the assistance of the Project Champion.
  • It is one thing to coordinate the project, share ideas and support one another but focus and delivery are key milestones and are two of the biggest challenges project teams face.

What to expect when working with the project teams

  • Participants undertook this program because they are interested in the community service aspect of Leadership. They are keen, devoted and will take great pride in these Projects – so tap into that enthusiasm!
  • They are new to your organisation and the cause so will be looking at things with fresh eyes – lack of understanding / context but ALSO valuable new insights and ways of doing things.
  • They still have day jobs, family and other commitments – so making schedules manageable and staying on track is important. If there’s a cancellation or something gets pushed out, re-schedule promptly to avoid time being lost.
  • This is an incredible opportunity for growth not only for the Leaders but also for your organisation – some of the most talented, energetic and skilled professionals in Geelong are going to be at your disposal – make the most of it!