About Us

Our Purpose

The Committee for Geelong (CfG) provides strategic leadership and influence to leverage the economic potential of our city-region, to make Geelong a world-class place.

As an independent, non-partisan, membership-based organisation, we work collaboratively with an authoritative group of stakeholders and influencers to support our city-region’s growth.

Our members include local, national and international organisations and individuals who set aside commercial gain, sectoral interests and personal perspectives to provide a united voice on the issues facing Geelong.

As thought leaders, we encourage innovation and debate around opportunities for Geelong.

The CfG has a history of achieving results for Geelong by actively looking at ways to solve problems and confront challenges. Our success allows us to influence policy and our highly valued opinions consistently sought by key decision makers.

We share one passion with our members – designing our best future.


The CfG was established in 2001 by a group of Geelong leaders who identified an opportunity to collaborate to build a better Geelong. Nearly 20 years later, the organisation stands proud among its global contemporaries.
A member of the influential ‘Committees for Cities’ group, the CfG can do what others are often not in a position to do. We are governed by a Board and Chairperson, with oversight by a representative group of members known as the Strategy and Policy Committee.
Our members represent the political spectrum and a breadth of industry both by sector and size; from microbusinesses through to global corporations. All tiers of membership invest in the CfG and engage with the organisation because they believe in what we do.

Our Values





Vision & Mission

Geelong as a thriving, inclusive and world-class place to live, work and prosper. Geelong as a city-region which:
  • Is vibrant and innovative
  • Participates on the world stage
  • Has a strong sense of ‘place’
  • Promotes the high value of its people and its natural environment
  • Is considered a compelling choice as a city-region that promotes economic prosperity.

The CfG drives collaboration and strategic leadership to deliver economic and social growth for Geelong. The CfG advocates for real change with tangible and positive impacts.