Round One: 17 April – 12 June 2024

Round Two: Mid July – Mid September 2024

Eight-week hybrid leadership program

The program will be delivered through face to face events, online webinars and a small team project, giving you the opportunity to practice your newly gained knowledge and skills in real time.

In the Activate Leadership Program, you will:

  • Develop meaningful relationships with peers and local leaders
  • Learn what leadership means means to you, and articulate your own leadership journey
  • Discover what you’re great at, and how to use these strengths to lead effectively
  • Gain confidence in sharing ideas and perspectives in a team environment
  • Learn how to handle challenges and keep your team motivated, even when things are changing
  • Find out what opportunities exist to lead and make a difference in the Geelong community
  • Become part of a network which can last long after the program concludes

PThe Activate Leadership Program welcomes aspiring leaders, ready to unlock their potential, new leaders seeking direction, current leaders looking to strengthen their foundations, and those seeking to reignite their passion for leadership.

The Activate Leadership Program is part of the Leadership Portfolio of the Committee for Geelong and the Activate Leadership Program is a potential pathway into our flagship 12 month program, Leaders for Geelong.


Members $1,800.00 incl GST

Non-members $2,000.00 incl GST

 “Being part of the program was literally life changing for me, even more than I realised at the time of completing it – and I can’t praise it enough. So I really hope that as many people as possible get to experience the benefits of the program and that it continues for a long time!”

– Ellie Townsend, Barwon Child Youth Family, Activate participant