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Strategic Framework 2023-2026 


Geelong at 1 Million People

Build on the region’s strengths to design a future vision of Greater Geelong with a population of 1 million people.

Develop and 
launch Future Geelong Map

Future Geelong engagement

forums with leaders across industry

community, schools, and government

against key drivers

Partnering with key members

to drive transformation and

government advocacy, particularly on;

a) Transport

b) Housing  

Sustainable Growth

Build on the region’s strengths to support sustainable regional growth and support business and our members in achieving the municipal target of 2035 for net zero emissions.

Identify Geelong's clean technology priorities,
 including hydrogen and other renewables
Support circular economy initiatives, 

such as Renewable Organics Network and the Circular Economy (CE) Ecosystem Mapping project

Understand and promote 

what members (and the broader community) are doing to drive social outcomes and bring everyone on the journey

Connecting Geelong to the Nation and the World

Build the region’s strengths to better connect Geelong with National and International markets

Advocate for Avalon rail connection 

and further precinct development

Boost Brand Geelong,


international commercial opportunities 

and market access

Support development of the Geelong events strategy 

to bring content to Geelong & secure benefits & opportunities 

from major events & mass participation events

Sustainable Operations

Build on the Committee’s strengths to create a high performing and serviced-focused organisation.

Develop our team

Complete constitutional 

Deliver member 
outcomes within 

SMART & Innovative Geelong

Build on the region’s strengths to support accessibility, connectivity, new industry development and innovation

SMARTGeelong – 

work with organisations 

across the region to ensure Geelong becomes 

a globally recognised SMARTCity 

with high digital literacy, 

connectivity and data competencies

Expand targeted industry 
growth initiatives in key sectors.
Priorities include:

Social Insurance Centre of Excellence

Economic innovation hub mapping investment pipeline

National Reconstruction Fund

Defence & Cyber- Security

Civic Leadership Development

Build on the region’s strengths to support leadership development across the Geelong community

High level member engagement
Broaden community leadership program

Self-sustaining Leaders for Geelong program for 2024

Relaunch Activate

Develop alumni engagement program

Develop Future Leaders program (schools)

Community leadership awards

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