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Activate Leadership Program


Round Two
July 24 - September 18, 2024
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Program Overview

The Activate Leadership Program is an 8-week program designed for emerging, new, and experienced leaders who are new to formal leadership development. Throughout the program, we explore leadership from personal, business, and community perspectives, with a unique focus on Geelong.

During the program, you'll discover your leadership aspiration, style, and strengths. You'll learn about leading teams, driving change, and making a difference in your community. You'll have the opportunity to learn directly from local leaders representing the public, private and nonprofit sectors, including the chance to have an in-depth conversation with one of these leaders towards the end of the program.

Through a blend of in-person events, online webinars, and a small group project, the program offers opportunities to learn, explore, reflect, and apply new ideas in real time. We also aim to foster lasting relationships and community connections that extend beyond the program itself.

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Program Objectives

In the Activate Leadership Program, you will:

  • Build connections – form meaningful relationships with peers and local leaders.

  • Discover your leadership journey – explore and define what leadership means to you and share your personal leadership journey.

  • Increase self-awareness – Identify and describe your leadership aspirations, style, and strengths.

  • Develop practical knowledge and skills – learn knowledge and skills in the areas of strengths-based leadership, leading teams, leading change, and community-based leadership.

  • Develop communication skills – enhance your ability to communicate effectively, sharing your ideas and perspectives in a team environment, and working with others on a small group project.

  • Address real life challenges – Bring your current leadership challenges ‘into the room’, and work with your peers to problem solve.

  • Build a habit of reflective practice – engage in regular reflective practice, to better understand your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and to deepen your learning.

Who Should Apply?


  • You're in the early stages of your leadership journey or have recently been appointed into a formal leadership position.

  • You're a more experienced supervisor, manager, or team leader who hasn’t had formal leadership development before.

  • You're a high potential or high performing team member demonstrating leadership skills, despite not being in a formal leadership position.


  • Members $ 1,800 incl. GST

  • Non Members $2,000 incl. GST

Who should apply?
The Leadership Team
Lauren Carnegie

Community Leadership Facilitator

Karen MacAdie

Community Leadership Manager


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