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Welcome to Future Geelong

Updated: May 23

The Committee for Geelong unveiled the Future Geelong Map at their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 26 October 2023.

The map is the final deliverable of the Committee for Geelong’s Future Geelong project.

This piece of work was commissioned in 2022 by Committee for Geelong, as a project for its members, engaging the services of Tract Consultants.

Designed as a classic Committee for Geelong think piece, the Future Geelong project imagines Geelong at one million residents and began as a series of workshops, gauging the thinking of members around the region in 30 years’ time.

Geelong has no shortage of plans, visions, and strategies. The big ideas, the city-shaping projects are well known. We have captured this in the Future Geelong Map – a platform that brings all these ideas together. The map paints a complete picture of how we will move around, where we will live, what jobs there will be, and how we will play.

Existing projects are combined with approved concepts and plans, aspirational projects, and case study examples.

The map is the perfect tool to use as a regional discussion piece with Government, private enterprise, and the broader community.

The Future Geelong Map is not a static report; the map will continue to evolve and be updated with new information, new ideas, and new aspirations for Geelong – and we welcome collaboration.

Future Geelong Map

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