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Cancellation of the fast rail project

Updated: May 23

We’ve been warm bathed into the announcement for months now, so it is not a huge surprise. That doesn’t take the sting out of it.

The revised cost of the project to save 10 minutes may not add up. But the $2b funding from the federal government could make a big difference towards improving the things commuters care about- reliability, frequency, comfort, and connectivity. These are not $2b fixes.

The review maintains the $120b pipeline- the previously committed $2b funding could be redirected into enhancements to improving the existing service.

This funding could be redirected into delivering a train station at Avalon, providing an airport rail connection for the state as well as a public transport option for the growing number of employees on site at the Avalon precinct.

Most importantly this funding could be redirected into improving public transport infrastructure within Geelong, helping people move around our city better.

Our rail system gets people to Melbourne- but it could be used more to move people around Geelong. This opens up more opportunities for higher density living around our station precincts, centred on the Geelong CBD. With the pressures on housing supply, we need to think about holistic solutions.

Geelong is the fastest growing region in Australia. At a time where increased investment in our transport infrastructure is needed, to see $2b taken off the table is unfathomable.

Michael Johnston

Committee for Geelong CEO

Image: Geelong Advertiser

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